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Asian Life Coach Collective

Welcome to the Asian Life Coach Collective podcast with Rae Tsai. We talk about real-life problems, including practical tips, powerful tools, and interesting stories shared by professional certified life coaches. We want to help you break through your limiting beliefs, get unstuck, be more empowered, enjoy being your authentic self, and live your dream life.

Feb 26, 2022

When you accept who you truly are, and do what you truly want in life, you will feel more grounded and fulfilled. When you accept your authentic self, you can accept others for who they are. Leannah Lumauig is a full-time life coach and podcaster. She empowers women of color to gain clarity, optimize their unique set of...

Feb 24, 2022

Many parents believe parenting pre-teens and teenagers is the most challenging job. We struggle and are uncertain how to manage our feelings and handle situations.  Nikki Neretin is a doctor, coach, mother, rock singer, and author! One of Nikki’s specialties is helping parents to be free of worries and providing...

Feb 22, 2022

Your children come through you. They don’t belong to you. Without love, it is impossible to connect with your children. The best way to lead your children to live their lives is to set an example for them. Linda Duong is an author, coach, and a mother. One of Linda’s specialties is working with gifted children. She...

Feb 18, 2022

Have you encountered sexual harassment? How does the Asian mindset intersect with sexual harassment of women? How can we step into our power? Let's dive in!

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Feb 13, 2022

Have you had some conflicts with your parents before? How can you be who you are, honor what you believe, and live the life you want to have? Let’s dive in and learn some tips and wisdom from Dr Arpita Gupta DePalma!
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