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Asian Life Coach Collective

Welcome to the Asian Life Coach Collective podcast with Rae Tsai. We talk about real-life problems, including practical tips, powerful tools, and interesting stories shared by professional certified life coaches. We want to help you break through your limiting beliefs, get unstuck, be more empowered, enjoy being your authentic self, and live your dream life.

Mar 31, 2022

Maki Asada & Hama Makino were high school classmates in Tokyo. They recently just got reconnected through an online life coaching program. Hama lives in DC, Maki lives in Kyoto. It is so fun to talk to them about their experience as women in a patriarchal society. Let's find out how they breakthrough gender stereotypes...

Mar 3, 2022

When we break free from those “spells” of how our lives should or shouldn’t be, we open the gate to infinite possibilities where we can experience so much more than just what we were taught was possible.

Bridget is a very interesting, dynamic, and colorful person. She is a certified life coach and a mom. She and...