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Asian Life Coach Collective

Welcome to the Asian Life Coach Collective podcast with Rae Tsai. We talk about real-life problems, including practical tips, powerful tools, and interesting stories shared by professional certified life coaches. We want to help you break through your limiting beliefs, get unstuck, be more empowered, enjoy being your authentic self, and live your dream life.

Jun 25, 2022

Do you wish you could show up as your authentic self and communicate with others without fear or discomfort?

Melody Chang is an "intuitive mindset and self expression" coach. In this episode, she talks about how to gain self-awareness, follow intuition, have the courage to own our own truth, and discover our authentic...

Jun 17, 2022

Do you feel insecure and believe you are not good enough, smart enough, pretty enough, etc.? 

Do you always overthink and overcompensate with your time and money to prove your worth?

Self-confidence is a feeling which comes from our thoughts. People who have self-confidence think confident thoughts about themselves. 

Jun 11, 2022

Do you enjoy working at your current job? Do you have good relationships with your boss and coworkers? Check out the latest episode, Career Coaching for Growth!

In this episode, our special guest, Bertrand Tzeng, shares some practical tips for finding the right career path and handling work-related issues.


Jun 3, 2022

Do you have everything you ever dreamed of but still feel your life is falling apart? Do you know what motivates you and inspires you the most?  Do you enjoy what you do?

In this episode, I invited Jennifer Kim who was a successful dentist at the top of her career. She had everything she asked for and a lifestyle that...