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Asian Life Coach Collective

Welcome to the Asian Life Coach Collective podcast with Rae Tsai. We talk about real-life problems, including practical tips, powerful tools, and interesting stories shared by professional certified life coaches. We want to help you break through your limiting beliefs, get unstuck, be more empowered, enjoy being your authentic self, and live your dream life.

Aug 5, 2022

Do you want to be a better version of yourself? 

Have you ever wondered what you could become? 

Inner work is a lifelong journey. Personal transformation involves recognizing where we place our identity & self-worth.

To transform ourselves, we need to know who we are and what we truly want. We also need to understand the reason behind it. Personal transformation starts with self-awareness and exploring the past to reveal our unconscious beliefs - childhood wounds, ethnic culture, family culture, etc.

Kitty Wu is a fitness and nutrition coach. She transformed her life by doing the work. Let's dive in!

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